Monday, November 29, 2010

free ntc web sms form

After successfully login with your Nepal telecom mobile communications (NTC) mobile number and password, the site will give a warm welcome to you by displaying your mobile number with free web sms form and 7 menus on the right side as I have shown here.

ntc free web sms form

1. Home - Redirect to nepal telecom main site(

2. Send SMS - Opens free ntc web sms form.

3. S-Groups - Display if any groups are registered.

4. Personal Profile - Open your editable contact details.

5. Address Book - Open your address book where you can add/edit/delete contacts.

6. Setting - Where you can change password, emails alerts, preset messages management, delevery report etc.

7. Logout - Ask for logout confirmation on clicking yes will completely logout from the your free ntc sms account.

How to send free sms from worldwide to ntc mobile customers, subscribers, users?

Enter Recipient Mobile Number (984xxxxxxx) without country code. If you want to send same message to multiple users separate each mobile number by comma operator (;). You can select the contacts from Contact List from right side. Any preset message is available then you can insert them in sms form by one click.

Last options are on clicking send button will send the sms and will steer on queue in NTC SMSC, One by one it will send to the recipient. If you want to erase the your form then click on the reset button. Finally you want to receive the same copy of sms to your mobile then check on the Send to Me checkbox.

Hope this will help who are beginner to NTC Free Web SMS Form. Please don't write the comment why you explain this ... Let us give the chance to the learn and use to beginner also.

By clicking on this link will send you to NTC Free sms website.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free Web SMS to Nepal Telecom Communications(NTC) Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Subscribers

By increasing the number of subscribers day by day Nepal Telecom started to provide Free Web SMS to Prepaid and Postpaid mobile subscribers in Nepal. You can send 160 characters Latin alphabets and 70 non-Latin alphabets. First when you submit the sms using NTC sms form it will store in Short Message Service Center (SMSC) in queue and forwards the message to receiver mobile later.

Well NTC facilitates its customers providing for following subscribers.

Free web sms to any Nepal Telecom (CDMA, GSM) using a prepaid mobile number.

Free web sms to any Nepal Telecom (CDMA, GSM) using postpaid mobile number.

Free web sms to any Nepal Telecom (CDMA, GSM) using CDMA mobile number.

How to send free web sms to any GMS/CDMA subscribers within Nepal from anywhere in the world.

Log on to

Enter your mobile number and password as I showed the image. Log in to NTC Free web sms and enjoy sending 10 Free sms every day, provide your valuable feedback.

free sms to nepal telecom mobile (ntc mobile)

Hey what do you think why are you searching the free website for nepal telecom mobile or ntc mobile, nepal telecom already provides free sms from their website. Don't loose your time typing free sms to ntc sms in google search box. Visit
NTC provides 10 free sms per day that is enough for you isn't it free ?
What you need to send free sms to ntc mobile from ntc website
1. Your Mobile No.
2. SIM Serial Number or PUK Number which is provided by ntc when you buy the sim card or you can exit your sim from mobile and view it in opposite side you will see the sim serial no...
Go to the link and register. Isn't it free don't forget to give the feedback for me...

free sms to spice nepal (mero mobile)

There are many website which provides free sms to spice nepal (mero mobile) users.
The list is given below: